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Polyethylene Meat Film

Polyethylene Meat Film
Polyethylene Meat Film

BCF also offers an alternative meat film to what is currently offered in the market.  For the health and environmental-minded consumers, this film is an eco-friendly & economical replacement for PVC cling film.

It is completely non-hazardous since it does not contain any plasticizers or chlorine. This film is ideally suited for meat packaging due to its following salient features:

  • Cling film meets requirement of CFTRI and European Commission Directive 2002/72/EEC hence no migration
  • Ecologically safe - 100 % recyclable hence environmental friendly
  • Excellent barrier properties helps to keep food fresh and odour free
  • Wrinkle free film with good cling properties
  • Microwave safe
  • Excellent stretching properties increases profitability
  • Crystal clear transparency

The meat film works with tray wrapping machines high-speed throughput (>100 packs per minute) with maximum flexibility.  Our film is used on a wide variety of trays and punnets for packaging meat, poultry and fresh vegetables, ensuring a sealed pack with minimum film usage.